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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do Chariot Eagle Models cost?
A: Type of home, options, transportation and dealer installation fees all affect the final cost. Please contact your local dealership for specific information.

Q: Can I put my park home on private property?
A: Typically RV Park Models are not allowed on private property. Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes may be placed on private property, or in a community specifically zoned for each type of home. Please check local zoning regulations.

Q: Will you do limited changes?
A: Yes. Depending upon the extent of changes made, fees may apply and time of delivery may be affected.

Q: Do you build loft models?
A: Yes, up to 400 square feet (ANSI Code RV Park Models). Loft area square footage is not included if the interior verticle height of the loft area is less than 60 inches.

Q: Are porch models available?
A: Yes. We can build porch models in HUD or ANSI code RV Park Models.

Q: What is the interior height of the loft?
A: Interior height of loft may vary from location to location depending on state laws regulating height during transit. Most models range from approximately 40 inches to 55 inches.

Q: How much will it cost to transport my Chariot Eagle home?
A: Prices may vary - check with your dealer.

Q: What is the maximum square footage?
A: 400 square feet everywhere in the USA except in Florida, which permits 500 square feet HUD approved RV Park Models. Manufactured Homes (AZ and FL), and Modular Homes (FL only) range from 401 – 1600 square feet.

Q: How thick is the insulation?
A: Please refer to the “Standard Features” tab on the Chariot Eagle home page.

Q: Is A/C standard?
A: Floor mount factory installed A/C is optional on ANSI Code (up to 400 sq. ft.) RV Park Models only.

Q: What is the standard equipment?
A: Please refer to the “Standard Features” tab on the Chariot Eagle home page.

Q: Do I own or rent the space from the RV park?
A: Both are available in most states. Please check with the RV resort or Manufactured Home community of your choice.

Q: What is the best exterior material to order?
A: Vinyl is hugely successful due to low maintenance; however, cedar lap and log siding are available. Hardi- plank is also available.

Q: How long is your warranty?
A: One year limited warranty.

Q: Who do I contact for service?
A: Contact your dealer per warranty instructions.

Q: Can I come to the factory?
A: Yes - arrange through your dealer.

Q: Do you give plant tours?
A: Due to insurance reasons tours are scheduled during non working periods during the day or after production hours. Arrange through your dealer.

Q: Can I get more than one bedroom?
A: Yes. One, two and three bedroom models are available.

Q: What is the useful life of the unit?
A: Well-kept Chariot units are still holding up very well after 20 years.

Q: What electrical service is available?
A: 30, 50, 100, and even 150 amp are available where legal and approved by local RV Park / Manufactured Home community and local ordinances.